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About Me

I am passionate about educational liberties and freedoms. I want to expose more people to free and open educational resources. As such, I direct and coordinate Libre Learn Lan (, a conference/hackathon mashup to bring together educators, policy makers, engineers and developers to foster cross-sector collaboration.

Currently, I am the Technology Director and Program Team Lead at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston. In this capacity, I serve members of the club by exposing them to technology driven activities and lead other Technology Directors in professional development training and coordinate meetings.

With my experiences in research, entrepreneurial spirit, and passion for informal learning environments, I eventually plan to pursue my PhD by addressing informal learning in programs designed for marginalized learners. Specifically, I want to further explore the adoption and implementation of freely licensed educational resources.

Spending the past few years actively participating in the makerspace, free software, FIRST robotics and STEM communities, I have a deep interest in researching learning environments that are guided by constructionist principles and design thinking. From building and organizing projects as a full-time volunteer for FIRST robotics to my current full-time position as the Technology Directory at the Boys & Girls Club in South Boston, I’ve developed toolsets and guides for several types of┬álearning environments, camps and after-school programs domestically and internationally while conducting independent analysis on best practices in the field.

Outside of all of this, I’m a serial hobbyist. I’ve stuck with playing violin, knitting and reading research papers. I’m increasingly interested in puzzles and patterns in sewn form these days. My current quilting project is in the ideation stage. So far, I’m planning to use the cyanotype method with negatives of photographs taken by the Hubble telescope on cotton through an enlarger.


Check out my Web Log for my latest posts. These posts are mostly reflections and reviews on books, conferences, projects or whatever else is on my mind.

Up top, you can click on Portfolio to see and read some things that I’ve done that are passionately career related. Also, here is a link to a pdf of my general resume:


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I'm running a personally modified version of Bryan Helmig's Magatheme on this site.